Sunday, March 17, 2013

What are the risks of eating fast food?

CBS survey, about an after part of Americans are consuming the food, ingredients and others-at least at one time a week. This food is not likely to harm a variety of regularly can cause considerable risk. They keep the food itself, preparation conditions, lower salt and fat, healthy food options for problems caused by the lack of total. Know your risks, and minimize the negative impact that you will be able to enjoy barred food for thought responsibly.

According to the website of slow food revolution, most of the fast food of many healthy options. Choose the convenience of fast food prices, people are choosing to do something harmful to your health, there is no choice. Most of the food is high in fat or calories, contains a lot of sugar. Even salad dressings were a high calorie additions, sour cream, cheese, bacon, baked potatoes, etc. of healthy food. The fruit is sweet like caramel coating often.
Most fast-food restaurants are using hydrogen can have a long life of the oil on. Too full of trans fat is not healthy, the body can be stored as fat. Trans fatty fast food does not contain much, eating healthy binge can be common too high levels of fat. Consume too much fat and heart disease, a stroke can buoy cause unhealthinesses such as.
A lot of bars food restaurants offer gourmet salts. Salt and Health (cache) agreed on the measures, according to lobbying for a pizzeria called eating four times more children of 6 years and a day, the amount of the recommended intake of salt. This discovery is of interest to many Americans of all ages a fast-food restaurant, more than four times of the recommended intake is to eat the dead science is already backed up. Canada's Health Department can reduce the salt level is to abbreviate the relative incidence of apoplexy by up to 30% of the recommended changes.

To increase the chance of fast food meat used for bulk processing. Slow food revolution no slaughterhouse worker deal with meat hygiene there is proper training. Fast food restaurants are at that place may be a problem of hygiene. Are immature, inconsiderate can often wear appropriate protective clothing, washing, or maintain proper food temperature high wages of employees.
My two-thirds of Americans with obesity, fast food consumption to increase these figures. Research in 7 out of 10 and 9 points 10 pounds to carry. Newsweek's large appetite fast food sandwich in a more meaningful way, I must say that in response to the more menu.Read more...

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