Friday, March 8, 2013

There is a risk of a fast food meal?

The Central Bureau of Statistics survey found that about a quarter of the United States and other food download. Fast food is consumed regularly hazardous mix in moderation can result in a harmless. They are the food itself, fat, salt and healthy fast food, lack of content, including preparing and maintaining between the problems caused by it. Know the risks of negative impact while minimizing the fast food you can take responsibility for it.

Behind nutrient Revolution website at most fast food restaurants to provide healthier options. Most don't choose something healthy choices for the convenience of fast food prices for those who choose. Most of the high-calorie foods, fats and contains high amounts of bread. Compensate the salads are high calorie toppings, sauce, and sour cream, cheese, bacon, grilled potatoes served with healthy foods such as topping. Sweet fruit often highlights, caramel, etc.
Many petroleum products, fast food restaurants, long lifetime archiving. So it is also unhealthy fat is a converter and Telegraph immediately. Often, but not food-TRANS in a normal, healthy eating for the rest of the province including the level too high. Stroke, heart disease and health problems consume too much fat can cause.
Food salt offers more fast-food stores. Salt and Health (cash) agreement on measures of meal, Pizza Hut lobby groups and the add up of common salt advocated per 6 a long time old man fourfold or more. It is one of the many times I eat fast food food and finding the height of a public interest more than the recommended amount of salt intake 1, Americans of altogether ages, the discovery Science Center. Health Canada can abridge the relative incidence of apoplexy by 30 percent of the low-salinity level estimates suggested.

Fast food meat increases the chances of infection, the bulk of the processing. Slow food revolution is a lot of meat in the slaughterhouse workers, should not treat hygiene education says.
Fast food restaurant has a health problem. Maintain proper food temperature, or oft wash, wear appropriate protective clothing may also be immature and not prone to high staff turnover.
Fast food consumption increase, two-thirds of the United States, exceeding the medicine immediately referred to these numbers. Radiculopathy. Newsweek has many fast food restaurants is a big appetite to say in response to the sandwich is bigger, healthier menu. Read more......

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