Monday, March 25, 2013

How to improve sales in the restaurant ?


The restaurant business model is more difficult than getting money from. Tight margins in some restaurant ROI management. Any decision problem is to change to improve sales. Marketing and sponsorship how to find, search, and technology managers menu item and restaurant profitability.

Identify the fattest details. This detail must be sold to the customer. Always one of "the most expensive" profitable ethanol, for example, is a synonym for you as well, but the cost is $ 2, 500% of revenue in May to sell its $ 10 can make a bear in mind. However, the price of $ 10 and $ 20 lobster menu return 100% of the cost for the purchase of significantly inferior. Of course, good drinks!
Contract, salad, entree, dessert and appetizer provides a combination of low costs. No meal combo is far from perfect in their world from fast food concept of integration is difficult to think about getting a good deal is a good way to feel like a regular customer, you can look like.

Adding value through customer service. The return movement, positive people, or even love personal care buzz commercializing can buoy increase the chance of. How to sell more products to staff training. "What do you drink?" question "or an appetizer or dessert and coffee?" or "?"Keep up the good work.

Marketers use. A church group meeting organizers, sends a letter to high school and College coach. Using cyberspace creatures such group might be in your restaurants. Group Manager (or trainer) free meals and personalized services. To measure advertising results. You could not be easier for more information about duplicate that success. Survey form or free appetizers and drinks to make the charge, best direct mail postcards offering marketing results tracking. It is a process and one of the most eminent business people earn is a way for people to repeat the picture.  Read  more.....

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