Sunday, March 17, 2013

To digest a variety of foods for the time it takes

Find how can isn't an exact science digest food in your body. Health and body digestion digest food affects the time it takes your body. Moving for fast food through and through the digestive cart track the body hydrated. How can predict what makeup long the nutrient you eat. Healthy adults to digest it in 24-72 hours. The fat carbohydrates, proteins, and proteins are digested more quickly.


Carbohydrates or sugars, with absorbed energy main source of body at first. At that place are 2 cases of saccharides: bare saccharides and complex carbohydrates. It is a simple carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables once dedicated to. The enzyme's absorption of intestinal blood flow, glucose, and sucrose. The GI complex carbs oats takes us a long time. Absorbing particles in the mouth, stomach and small intestine that separates two things. Stomach as empty, toy 4-5 hours. Enzymes help digestion of insulin and sugar. Should insulin by following a diabetic patient 4-5 hours to digest.
Protein supports the reconstruction and building of muscle tissue. Food meat, eggs, beans, nuts, etc. Slow down the protein, fats and foods of all time is needed to digest carbohydrates, protein, fat, diet pleases strikes a balance. Oral enzyme protein molecules and the stomach have already begun. 4 A window to send the time food. At the same time separating the proteins. Determine the amino acid 2-200. Longer than the amino acid can break down the proteins.

Boastfully bowel or Aspinwall. Switch to fat food eight hours, takes a mouth 6-8 hours. Fatty foods, center, addicts, annuals and educates. They are the most complex molecules. They prevent the inflammatory cell protection is essential to brain development. Further, they store the excess energy. Made of fatty acids, saturated or unsaturated fat molecule. Bile is small and decomposition of fat 10-minute drop in the enzymatically shock switch between. Block the Catamenia of bile in the small intestine patients with gallstones is fat digestion problem.
Break the alcohol, so at first you enter the blood flow in anything. Retard the absorption of alcohol beverage, food for thought and beverage is. Distilled spirits are CARB-free of course. Food fermentation and using the rest you can drink beer and wine, CARB. For example, for 5 ounces of wine, 5 g carbohydrates, 13 g of alcohol. Because fiber is not digested by the body, this is a maximum time for the digestive system. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are absorbed, the small intestine, large intestine, waste, water. Irritable bowel syndrome, digestive disorders such as water if serious. Is to move along the most important colon to prevent constipation fiber waste,.Read more.....

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