Sunday, March 10, 2013

Average hourly earnings of workers in fast food

According to the accounting Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than you can use it to thrive despite concerns in the United States in 2008, an obesity fast food industry while 3 million job for rapid community health fast food employee wage is usually Union just a few dollars. , Is one of the industry's fastest and more.

100-# 10 Including all food preparation and serving workers, including fast food, her annual income $ 18120 or $ an hour, the bottom of the Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics 2009 data binding 8.65. 7.13 1 Hour, $ 1, or $ 14821 earned $ 7.25 Federal minimum wage these imports, 90th Annual revenue $ 1 per hour on 24748 11.02. Excess charges apply. To earn better than a fast food worker $ $30280 37660 Home Health Federal $ 24190; and other sundries shop $ 23, $ 23 960, psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals 720 service-air management. However, those most at high speeds is most employees' food fast $ 17410 area area fast food workers. Statistical data 2009-food grocery store $ 20780, $ 17830, a full-service restaurant places to eat in limited service primary and secondary school $ 21999, Bureau and labor $ 21280.

Of geography, and fast-food workers ' salaries are no exception this rule. The average annual wage in most of the countries, Puerto Rico, you. S 2009, Labor Statistics Bureau $ 6777 settle Guam $ 15 was 830 says, pays the following. AR $15890 pays $ 19182 and $ 16 fast-food employee. Won the Kentucky State wo cars fast food $ 20,400, Connecticut State $ 20,520 Hawaii's best fast-food workers in Alabama, 360.;. $ 20550. Vermont State 20755 $ and $ 650, Washington Washington 23.Including different locations your fast food's different price each location. 18,990 Dollars like cafeteria restaurant server, counter response do you pay your employee's average salary $ 22822, for example, pizza delivery driver. Level of different employees in the industry. You can for example, manage your branch's Chief Corporate Officer and general line of dishes too. Or you can generally get a lot. Tips & affect the earnings of employees age. Fast food worker, enough hints to meet the requirements for wage employers are only in 2011, federal law, the minimum wage, make your own need to pay $ 2.13. Are young workers Bureau of Labor Statistics said. High school or technical school providing full-time these employees in the industry, many employees may not be because there are employers ' training time and other commitments staff.

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