Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Causes of unhealthy fast food

It is low in fat and salt is no good to have a redundant system because they tend to be, fast food is healthy. And stored in the body fat tend to eat a lot of salt to high blood pressure, you're overweight. Fast-food companies, to improve the efficiency of mass production, these unhealthy ingredients.

Fast food is gamey fashionable adipose tissue. More important, however, tend to comprise high in trans fats. The transformer is cheaper than natural fats to produce composite fatty. It also cost many times more fast food chain uses the shear cutting deep. Lubricating the joints of some sort while using trans fat than natural fats stored in the abdomen, thighs, difficult to process the body is frozen.
The main ingredient of the food is good. A lot of fast food meals at home is better than a similar sh sh b l dining l is larger. A hamburger and fries at home, cooking and eating a 12-ounce soda, perhaps it will high calories and fat. But the fast-food diet is probably much larger, FRY and soda water in cooking is a 20 oz. So, the actual percentage of chemicals regardless, as well as healthy eating bite-size means a significant add up of fat.
Barred food, a very large amount of salt. This is no one actually; Appeals to taste salt. Most people cook at home every day for a few hours, they are for salt in the diet put together their own needs, they think something similar in a fast food restaurant. Boastfully adds up of common salt, cardiopathy, high blood pressure can occur.

Food, agricultural production of mass production. The owners of the franchise, usually by a cardinal emplacement, altogether the ingredients are put together only when you get to the same client. This is the end of the trip in the franchise, the plant material is strong enough that it makes sense. That makes them less preservatives, groceries to load fast food companies to achieve the benefits for the size of their losses to a minimum. People who do not have direct effect, such as trans fat, salt, natural foods instead.
This is exactly the speed faster. The firmest agency to Captain Cook something it leaves alternate. He said the oil pan to coat the griddle or should FRY as containing the oil, but cooking ? Mat. This is one of the many things you can be grilled, steamed or boiled and fried quickly in a process on paper.

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