Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good, how soon

Easy, but very fast and sharp, God always. One of the most difficult on the first day of any high speed. When the food is generally a happy body tax deductible. But they totally God's bamtra faster if you expect to do it every day. The quick goal and the guidance of God. It will improve our overall decision making.

Looking for God's special situation requires a special time with God. Personal weakness and proof of his dependence on God. The first step in any high speed admitted the need for God. Internal commitment is giving food to an external task. 27 says Ezra, "we have our fasting, prayed to his God on this subject, and our response," asked. Sacrifice and training requires fasting, God.
The purpose of fasting is to provide food for God? How to get rid of obstacles in his heart that matches the person, usually 3. Meals and eat a snack. We focus on the next meal, we leave our hearts in a very small place to think about God. So God can free your mind and meditate, remove the food.
Effectively you soon in order to also pray for God. Prayer is a powerful weapon against adversity and fasting. 55, "a Holy fast; Declaration. Call the sacred Assembly. Elders and to summon the Lord of each country and shouting God, especially "fast God puts his faith as the only person who can help him to live in the House. In the name of God he is faithful and true, and in a way that can help you prepare. Speed for the Declaration of loyalty to his Lord. Directly opens the door required by your desires to you in heaven. He made a call to fasting and prayer. God says that show a loving God, he dedicated. Great speed.

God, you do not need to fast the whole day. You can eat. Sugar, caffeine can give. God or it is fasting for something important is lost. Let God give weeks. We scream "can anyone give me that" the divine power is lost, incorrect default fast fasting chain tears free prisoners of war by the sky instead of be quicker on the problem any solution for all those mental therapy, the arrival of heralds. God's life to see the following tasks quick.
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